Official ports of entry are operated and administered by the Grenada Ports Authority, which regulates and controls navigation within port limits.

Port of St. George's

St George's lies in position 12°03'N, 61°45'W on the south-west side of the mainland.

Prickly Bay

The Port of Lance aux Epines (Prickly Bay), located in position 12°00'N, 61°45.7'W on the south coast of the mainland, is a port of entry for yachts only.

Port of Grenville

Grenville Bay, in position 12°7'N, 61°37'W, and St Andrew's Bay, separated by Marquis Islet, should not be entered without local knowledge.

Tyrell Bay

Located in position 12°27.58'N, 61°30.51'W, in the south-west corner of Carriacou, it includes all the water within Tyrrel Bay east of a line drawn on longitude 61°31'W.

Port of Hillsborough

Hillsborough Bay (12°N, 61°28'W) is entered between Jack-a-Dan and Sandy Islet. A town stands at the head of the bay.

Port of St Davids

Located on Grenada's south coast, St David's Harbour is defined as being north of a line from Little Bacolet Point (12°0,63'N, 61°40.96'W) to St David's Point (12°0.78'N, 61°40.51'W) including all of the foreshore.

Le Phare Bleu

Le Phare Bleu Marina has 60 berths for yachts up to 100ft long and up to a 15ft draft.