The Port of Lance aux Epines (Prickly Bay), located in position 12°00'N, 61°45.7'W on the south coast of the mainland, is a port of entry for yachts only. The port consists of the water north of a line from Prickly Point to True Blue Point (Mace Point). A reef extends the full length of the eastern shore, so yachts should proceed with caution. True Blue Point should be given a wide berth owing to shoaling just offshore.
Approach from south-west with caution. The Porpoises - a group of rocks located about half a mile south of Prickly Point - are sometimes awash and difficult to spot, being about 3 ft above sea level at low tide. Anchorage is permitted inside the bay in depths of 5.0 to 15.0 metres with good holding grounds in a mixture of sand and mud. Anchorage within 200 metres of the beach on the northern shore is prohibited. Spice Island Marine Service Co Ltd is a modern full service marina with a 35 ton travel hoist.
Contact 'Spice Island Marine' on VHF Channel 16.