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P.O. Box 494, Carenage,

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Port of Tyrrel Bay

The Port of Tyrell Bay comprising within its limits the area of sea within Tyrell Bay east and of an imaginary line drawn on Longitude 61°31'West.

Ships over 200 GRT are subject to compulsory pilotage in the Port of Tyrell Bay in accordance with Section 54 of the Port Authority Act.

Provided that any vessel’s master who satisfies the Authority that he has made a minimum of twenty (20) calls to Tyrell Bay before the date of this Notice may apply to the Authority for an exemption for compulsory pilotage.

Vessels can anchor in 9.1 to 27.45 metres in the northern outer part of the bay. Anchoring is prohibited in the inner lagoon.

There is a 90 metre long jetty at the northern end of the beach and a tanker terminal to the south of the jetty.

With more than three decades of service to the nation behind it, The Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) is today better equipped than ever to play a major role in the economy of the nation.

Recent initiatives and investments by the GPA have been designed to boost Grenada's potential for cargo handling, the cruise sector and tourism. All of these bring direct benefits to the economy and people of the country.

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